Public actors

Looking for personal reports on racial profiling

At the moment, BUG is legally supporting several lawsuits concerning racial profiling conducted by the Federal Police, in regards to which it would be helpful to have personal accounts of experiences with racial profiling at our disposal.

Have you ever had the impression that you have been controlled by the federal police on grounds of your skin colour or your (alleged) migratory background? Then we would be grateful if you could send us a short e-mail or facebook message describing the course of the identity check (when and where it happened, in which train or train station). Thank you for your support!

You can contact us here: or on facebook

The protection from discrimination under the General Equal Treatment Act does not apply in the area of state action. In order to take legal action against incidents of discrimination at the hands of the police, in the area of public education or other cases involving public actors, administrative law must be invoked. Furthermore, there is a possibility for legal assistance within the scope of administrative law which can be provided by BUG in cases of discrimination.

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