Identity check without suspicion in the border land

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In early January 2014, the scientist Dr. Andreas S. *, who comes from a German-Indian family, took a train from Kempten to Munich. Near Kaufbeuren Federal Police officers entered the train and conducted an identity check without suspicion on Dr. S.. No one else was controlled in the coach. The plaintiff - who had already repeatedly experienced similar situations - suspected to have been investigated solely on grounds of his skin colour.

As a result, he felt discriminated against and brought an action before the Administrative Court of Munich.
The plaintiff received legal support from BUG and a first hearing was held on the 8th of April 2015. Since the second police officer could not be questioned during this trial, a further hearing was held on the 20th of November 2015. The process was continued by means of written pleadings. In December 2016 the administrative court of Munich has ruled in favour of the defendant party. Here you can read the judgment in its entirety. BUG has filed an appeal.

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