German Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act (BGG)

The multi Paralympics winner Verena Bentele is the federal representative for disable people since the 18th parliamentary term. Click here for more information.

Since 2015, the BUG is one of the recognized associations. Click here to access the BAMS list of recognized organisations.

In the field of discrimination against people with disabilities, it is possible for recognized associations to file a legal complaint in administrative and social legal proceedings under Section 14 BGG.

This possibility of representative action only exists in cases with specific legal violations such as if a person with public authority discriminates against a disabled person. § 7 BGG enumerates the different public authority institutions.

A disadvantage exists when disabled and non-disabled people are treated differently without proper justification, in such way that the disabled person experiences impairment. The state is therefore legally obliged to establish i.e. accessibility to buildings and make information accessible to disabled persons in an appropriate manner.

Associations can only file a legal complaint under the representative action if the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BAMS) recognizes them. Recognition shall be granted if the associations meet the conditions provided in § 15 Section 3 BGG.

An association shall therefore:

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