Investigation and Prosecution of Racist Crimes

‘Due to the Report the MPS vastly improved how it responded to and investigated homicides by introducing dedicated and more specialist assets and by involving communities and families more in its investigations.’


The Metropolitan Police (MPS)

The investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence appeared to be mishandled from the beginning. During the investigation the police were refusing to acknowledge it was an unprovoked racist attack even though witness’s pleaded to the contrary. The refusal of the police to see other options meant they missed key opportunities throughout the investigation.  In the Stephen Lawrence case the prosecution of his murders did not happen until 2012, nearly nineteen years after his death.

Below you will find references to recommendations from the Macpherson Report concerning investigation and prosecution of racially motivated crimes.


34. That Police Services and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Serviceshould ensure that particular care is taken at all stages of prosecution to recognise and to include reference to any evidence of racist motivation. In particular it should be the duty of the CPS to ensure that such evidence is referred to both at trial and in the sentencing process […].

36. That the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) should have the positive duty always to notify a victim and victim's family personally of a decision to discontinue, particularly in cases of racist crime, with speed and sensitivity.




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